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HUM-101 T: Islamic Studies / Ethics:

Credit Hours: 3 Contact Hours: 3
Pre-requisite: None Stream: N/A
Course Domain: Non-Engineering Knowledge Area: Humanities

Course Learning Outcome(CLOs)

Clo# Description Domain Taxonomy Level PLOs
1 Describe basics of prophethood, Islamic Law (Sharia’a) and practices of Islam Cognitive 2 8
2 Explain Islam as the practical code of life for all times Cognitive 2 8
3 Relate the teachings of Qur’an, Hadees, Sirah, and Law in today’s Muslim societies Cognitive 3 6

Course Description:


Recommended Books:

  1. Teachers are recommended to use the latest edition of the following books
  2. Tafseer Ibn-i-Kasir by Ibn-i-Kasir
  3. Emergence of Islam By Hameed Ullah Muhammad