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A highly skilled professional with a strong desire to contribute to the productivity & proficiency of a progressive organization. A conscientious individual with a strong work ethic and the ability to interface with others at all levels.

Courses Taught

  1. Operations Management, Stochastic System Simulation, Industrial Design, Operations Research, Production Planning & Control, Manufacturing Strategy
  1. Project Management, Total Quality Management, Decision Making
  1. Organizational Excellence

Research Publications

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  1. Centralized procurement and fabrication systems among similar fabrication projects
  2. Measuring emotional intelligence and effective leadership and assessing their relationship among managers in engineering organizations of Pakistan
  3. Impact of gender and age on productivity of assembly line workers: a case study on promotional industry.
  4. Impact of quality assurance team for the development of software product
  5. Effect of human resources outcomes on total quality management
  6. Mitigation technology selection challenges in healthcare: an expert system based approach.
  7. Development of perceived service quality scale (HSSQ) for health sector in Pakistan: a quantitative approach.
  8. Implementation of lean process improvement in wheat procurement process of passco.
  9. Motivation and its impacts on performance in organization.
  10. Realization of Total Quality Management in Pakistani Universities through Human Resource Information System: Benefits, Barriers, Reason for Failure
  11. Hierarchical framework development for maintenance performance measurement (MPM) for rental power service industry
  12. To evaluate barriers in adopting sustainable procurement and production (SPP) initiatives in a supply chain by using analytical hierarchy process (AHP
  13. Software risk assessment in Pakistani software industry. An expert systems based approach.
  14. Development of Euro-II feul tank and study of its problems and countermeasures.
  15. Risk management in enterprise resource planning projects
  16. Influence of managerial control on the performance of public sector infrastructure development projects: the moderating role of organizational environment risk.
  17. The effect of customer satisfaction with quality on customer relations: mediation of customer loyalty
  18. Technology assessment and selection using expert choise software based on AHP(analytical heirachy process) approach.

Administrative Roles

  • Member Board of Studies
  • Member Board of Faculty
  • Member Departmental Doctoral Program Coordination Committe
  • Editor Journal of Quality & Technology Management
Dr. Ayyaz Ahmad

Industrial Engineering & Management