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Dr. Hakeem-Ur-Rehman is a dynamic consultant, trainer & an academician with over 10 years of experience at leading Pakistan academic institutions and professional executive training bodies such as National Productivity Organization (NPO)-Lahore, Ministry of Industries & Production, Pakistan and Haier training institute, Lahore, teaching students and train professionals from various industrial engineering and management sciences backgrounds. He involves as a Resource Person in a number of professional training/courses like Lean Six Sigma (Green and Black Belt), Lean Thinking–Process Mapping to Value Stream Mapping, SPC using Minitab, and Project Management using Primavera, etc. His academic background includes Ph.D. Management Science & Engineering (Supply Chain Management), from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China; MS–Total Quality Management and MSc in Information & Operational Management (Operations Research) from University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. He is also Certified Six Sigma (Black Belt) & IRCA (UK) Lead Auditor of QMS.

Courses Taught

  1. Probability and Statistics
  2. Design of Experiments
  3. Operations Research-1
  4. Simulation and Modelling
  1. Quality Tools and Techniques
  2. Lean Six Sigma
  3. Project Management
  4. Advanced Operations Research


Research Publications

  1. Muhammad Wasim, Abdus Salam, Kashif Mairaj Deen, Hakeem-Ur-Rehman (2020), Development and characterization of foundry refractory coating and validation through factorial design of experiment, Journal of the Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers, Vol 48, No 1 (HEC Y Category)
  2. Fiza Amjad, Waseem Abbas, Muhammad Zia-Ur-Rehman, sajjad Baig, Muhammad Hashim, Ayesha Khan, Hakeem-Ur-Rehman (2020), Effect of Green Human Resource Management Practices on Organization Sustainability: Mediating Role of Environmental and Employee's Performance, Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Accepted) (IF=3.00)
  3. Azmat Ullah, Muhammad Ayat, Hakeem-Ur-Rehman, Optimal Preventive Maintenance Level for a Repairable Product under Warranty Subjects to Multi-modes Failure Process, International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, DOI: 10.1108/IJQRM-05-2020-0158 (Accepted), (HEC X Category)
  4. Muhammad Nazam, Muhammad Hashim, Sajjad Baig, Muhammad Abrar, Hakeem-Ur-Rehman, Muhammad Nazim and Ali Raza (2020), Categorizing the Barriers in Adopting Sustainable Supply Chain Initiatives: A Way-forward towards Business Excellence, Cogent Business & Management, Volume 7, 2020 - Issue 1 (HEC X Category)
  5. Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman, Mhuammad Hashim, Hakeem-ur -Rehman, Shahzad Iqbal, Sajjad Ahmad Baig, Yusra Khalid, and Ayesha Khan (2020), Enablers and Barriers for adoption of Lean System: A Mix Method Approach, International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management (Scopus indexed journal) (Accepted)
  6. Hakeem-Ur-Rehman, Guohua Wan, Azmat Ullah, Badiea Shaukat (2019), Individual and combination methods to forecasting hierarchical time series under correlated data set: An empirical study, Journal of Management Analytics, Vol.6, Iss: 3, pp. 231-249. (HEC X Category)
  7. Hakeem-Ur-Rehman, Guohua Wan, Yang Zhan (2019), Multi-Level Multi-Stage Lot- sizing and Scheduling in the Flexible Flow Shop with Demand Information Updating, International Transactions in Operational Research (IF=2.987) (https://doi.org/10.1111/itor.12645)
  8. Hakeem-Ur-Rehman, Farhan Aslam, S.M.Irfan, Ishfaq Ahmad, Sarfraz Rashid (2013), Implementation of Quality Improvement Tools & Techniques in conjugation with ISO 22000: A Case Study of Dry Roasted Cashew Nut Processing Plant, Science International-Lahore, ISSN: 1013–5316, Vol.25, Iss: 3, pp. 653–666
  9. Hakeem-Ur-Rehman, Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Aamir Saeed, Muhammad Asim Akbar, Muhammad Usman Awan (2012), Application of Six Sigma at Site Construction: A Case Study, Asian Journal on Quality, Vol. 13, Iss: 3, pp. 212-233.
  10. Farhan Aslam, Hakeem-Ur-Rehman, Aamir Ijaz, S.M. Irfan (2012), Implementation of Total Quality Management Tools and Technique: A Case Study of Fired Peanut Processing Plant, Science International- Lahore, Vol.24, Iss: 4, pp. 475–486.
  11. S.M. Irfan, M. Awan, Saman Shahbaz, Hakeem-Ur-Rehman (2012), An Empirical Investigation of Student’s Poor Performance in Quantitative Subjects: A Case Study of Management Students from Pakistan, Science International-Lahore, Vol.24, Iss: 4, pp. 487-494.
  1. S Z Khan, MA Ashfaq, M U Awan, H URehman, S A Kamal, N T X Hoa and M Shafiq (2020), Investigating Supply chain issues in the food processing industry (12th International Seminar on Industrial Engineering and Management), IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
  1. Integrated Production Planning and Scheduling in the Multistage Production System with Dynamic Forecast Updates (INFORMS Annual Meeting, 2018, USA)
  2. Hakeem-Ur-Rehman (Guest Speaker), Talk Title: Big Data Analytics using Python, Doctoral Spring School 2020, Association of Media & Communication Academic Professionals, Venue: Institute of Quality & Technology Management, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, dated: Feb. 28 - March 8, 2020.
  3. Hakeem-Ur-Rehman, Guohua Wan A Hybrid Approach for Hierarchical Time Series Forecasting, POMS, 28th Annual Conference, 2017, Seattle, Washington, United States of America (USA).
  1. Innovation solutions based on simulation combined with optimization techniques for maintenance service management within complex systems.
  2. Application of FMEA and risk management in a flour mill and influence of their product distributional structure due to contamination
  3. Application of six sigma methodology to improve fraud and control in Telecom Industry
  4. Comparative study to assess the community satisfaction towards new solid waste management systems
  5. Supplier evaluation and selection in beverage industry by using analytical hierarchy process.
  6. Improvement in warehouse supply chain through value stream mapping tool a lean methodology

Administrative Roles

  • Director Research (IQTM-PU)
  • Spoke Person External Linkages (IQTM-PU)
  • Member Doctoral Program Committee (IQTM-PU)
  • Student Adviser (IQTM-PU)
Dr. Hakeem-Ur-Rehman

Management Science and Engineering (Supply Chain Management)