IQTM - Journal

Institute of Quality and Technology Management University of the Punjab biannually publishes the Journal of Quality and Technology Management (JQTM ). This journal is recognized by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in “X” category.

The journal in full text is freely accessible through the Internet in order to promote research and development in the field of Quality and Technology. Hard copies of the journal are supplied @ 150 Rs for each copy.

The first issue of the journal was published in December, 2005


  • - Quality refers to high and sustainable performance in any business (including industrial, commercial, education and health). Technology refers to the know-how (soft technology) and hardware (hard technology) that can bring about quality.

  • - The JTQM aims to promote understanding and dialogue across cultures and industries on the issues of quality and technology management by serving as a platform where new theories, research findings and case studies can be published and shared nationally and internationally.

  • It promotes multidisciplinary research related to the theory and practice of management of quality, technology and related disciplines. The Journal explores all topics related to quality and Technology Management. Patterns, behaviors, processes, mechanisms, principles and consequences of quality management are discussed. Planning, development, and implementation of technological alternatives and capabilities required for the strategic and operational objectives of a wide range of organizations. Therefore Technology Management section includes whole spectra of managerial concerns not only in technology driven organizations but also in the organizations where technology can play role to increase their competitiveness. This includes issues relating to new product development, human resource, process management, project management, technological interfacing, marketing, technological forecasting, innovation, and strategic planning.


The JQTM serves as a vehicle for industry leaders, corporate managers, engineers, scientists, consultants, academics and researchers to share their latest theories, strategies and practices in the field of quality and technology management.


The JQTM publishes theoretical papers, empirical research papers, case studies, discussion papers, conference reports, book reviews, commentaries and news. Special issues devoted to important themes in the area of quality and technology management is also published from time to time. The journal welcomes contributions from academics, researchers, industry leaders and practitioners across the globe and from any industry.


The Quality Management topics cover, but not limited to:

  1. TQM / Quality / Business Excellence Models and use of these models in different industrial and service settings.
  2. Tools and techniques for Quality Management.
  3. Marketing aspects of quality.
  4. Quality Management System.
  5. Measurement of Quality.
  6. Cost of Quality.
  7. Strategic, tactical and operational issues for high quality performance.
  8. Quality function deployment.
  9. Statistical quality control.
  10. Quality Management for Sustainable development.
  11. Quality and Service productivity.
  12. Organizational design for building quality culture.
  13. Bench Marking.
  14. Customer Satisfaction.
  15. Six Sigma.

Similarly the Technology Management topics cover, but not limited to:

  1. Diffusion of Innovation.
  2. Entrepreneurship.
  3. New Technology Start-Up.
  4. Environmental Issues in Technology Management.
  5. Innovation in SME.
  6. Knowledge Assets and Management.
  7. Management of Emerging Technologies.
  8. New Product/Process Development.
  9. New Venture Management.
  10. Project and Program Management.
  11. R&D Management.
  12. Technology Alliances and Collaboration.
  13. Technology Assessment and Evaluation.
  14. Technology Forecasting and Roadmapping.
  15. Technology Strategy and Planning.
  16. Technology Transfer and Licensing.
  17. Technology for Productivity.
  18. Integration of quality, safety and environmental management .
  19. Human-machine interfacing and management.
  20. Managing of Efficiency in Industrial Processing.
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